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Nationwide Deliveries


AlphaScript through the national footprint of the AlphaScript Provider Network, coupled with the supplementary role of AlphaDirect, our door-to-door courier service, has the ability to guarantee chronic medicine provision on or before the anniversary date of a 28 day chronic repeat cycle to any patient, whether nationally or internationally.

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Alpha Script Courier Service Model


Delivery of Parcels AlphaScript can deliver medicines nationwide and internationally through the virtual ability of AlphaDirect to provide a contracted patient with a door-to-door courier service free of charge at any place on the globe. An authorized chronic prescription, is ordered and dispatched on the same day of the authorization from the Medical Scheme for [...]

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Additional Requirements


The AlphaScript Pharmacy Management System ("AS PMS") is directly accredited to all switching house and currently switches to your medical scheme's Administrator; The maintenance of the master product/price file in the AS PMS occurs from the centrally maintained Department of Health Product File, by means of a service which monitors the file to ensure that [...]

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Disaster Management


AlphaScript, through its  Service Level Agreement with LHIT have access to the following Disaster Management and Business Continuation Firewalls The AlphaScript Server is hosted at LHIT; Transaction logs are maintained every 15 minutes. Full back ups occur on a daily basis. Snap shots of the server are also made on a daily basis which permits [...]

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Fraud Prevention


Centralized control over all AlphaScript Network Providers: The web-based integrated nature of the AlphaScript Pharmacy Management System allows AlphaScript to hard-code front-end rules that enforces discipline and compliance onto the AlphaScript Network Providers; The provisions of the Three-Way Service Level Agreement between AlphaScript, the AlphaScript Network Provider and the patient and the obligations imposed upon [...]

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Cold Chain Capabilities


AlphaScript can also assure a medical scheme of its cold chain management capabilities in terms of the GPP protocols regulating cold chain items in both the case of the AlphaScript Network Provider and AlphaDirect courier medicine provision platforms respectively: AlphaScript Network Provider chronic medicine provision model: AlphaScript has entered into contracts with its mother company [...]

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Clinical Requirements


Adherence to Evidence Based Medicine AlphaScript has interfaces with the respective PBM's and pulls the health risk management warning descriptions from the PBM's to adhere to the treatment protocols and clinical guidelines to ensure appropriateness of treatment. Generic Substitution AlphaScript, in term of the provisions of the Agreement with the AlphaScript Network Providers can apply [...]

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Call Centre


AlphaScript will maintain a fully functional and effective call centre that can handle both verbal as well as written queries from prescribers, AlphaScript Network Providers and patients; Implement the complaints and appeal procedure as prescribed by a medical scheme for a beneficiary to lodge a complaint at the medical scheme or at the Council of Medical [...]

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Technical Ability


Web-based interface AlphaScript owns the web-based AlphaScript Pharmacy Management System and grants the AlphaScript Network Provider a non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the AlphaScript Pharmacy Management System during the currency of his/her accreditation as a AlphaScript Network Provider in terms of the Three-Way Service level Agreement entered into and between AlphaScript the AlphaScript Network Provider [...]

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