Dispensing of Medication

The dispensing of medication takes place in accordance with the GPP guidelines as per the South African Pharmacy Council.

Dispensing Pharmacist Assistant (“DPA”) will ensure the following at all times:

Selecting and labelling of the prescribed medicine

  • Counting is done on a clean counting tray and the correct quantity and strength of the prescribed dosage form is placed in a suitable container;
  • A patient-ready-parcel is prepared containing the above and subjected to Parcel Quality Assurance by a Parcel QA Pharmacist before being sealed and send through to the AlphaScript Dispatch Area from where the AlphaScrip Logistics Officer will manifest the parcel before it being send through to Alpha Pharm for the fine distribution thereof to the patient’s AlphaScript Network Provider of the patient’s home or workplace.

Dispensing containers

  • The container is clearly labelled with the correct directions along with any other information for the safe, proper and effective use of the medicine;
  • Cautionary and advisory labels and instructions are always used. Labels are clear and legible;
  • The container is appropriate for the product dispensed, bearing in mind the need to protect the product from moisture and sunlight as well as the mechanical stresses imparted by transport and use of the product;
  • All containers intended for medicinal products are protected and kept free from contamination
  • No containers are being re-used

Personal Hygiene

  • The AlphaScript Dispensary Department is restricted to authorized personnel only;
  • High standards of personal cleanliness are observed at all times;
  • Direct contact with the dispensed product is avoided;
  • No smoking or preparing or consuming food is allowed within the AlphaScript Dispensary Department;

The Parcel Quality Assurance Pharmacist must carefully check the dispensed script for accuracy and completeness against the labels, the prescription and the AlphaScript Tax Invoice.

The Parcel Quality Assurance Pharmacist will then sign the printed out document thereby accepting liability for the correctness of the dispensing of the medicine.

The AlphaScript Parcel Quality Assurance Pharmacists will counsel patients making use of the AlphaDirect courier service regarding the treatment and disease and the treatment regime prior to the chronic supplies being dispatched in the following cases:

  • On approval of the first chronic script and prior to the dispatched thereof;
  • When any of the medication has been changed by the prescriber;
  • If any new medicine has been prescribed by the treating doctor for a new chronic disease that has been diagnosed.
  • In cases Where co-morbidities exists;