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e-Scripting for Doctors

AlphaeScript pioneering e-Scripting in South Africa!

AlphaScript Pharmacy uses various dynamic and easy to use e-Scripting Platforms that electronically supports the entire prescription process linking the doctor, patient and medical scheme with the participating AlphaScript Network Provider.

The e-Script Platforms allow the doctor to automatically link the patient to their medical scheme formulary and reimbursement rules, thus minimizing the inconvenience and unnecessary costs of co-payments on processing of the prescription by the participating AlphaScript Network Provider.

The e-Script Platforms include full listing of all approved pharmaceutical preparations, their pricing and all the generic equivalents. It also includes the ICD10 codes, as approved by the medical schemes, and facilitates accurate claim processing by the participating AlphaScript Network Provider.

The e-Script Platforms are directly linked to the dispensary software platform of AlphaScript Pharmacy so that the pharmacists can prepare and label the prescription items in advance in complete confidence without having to phone the doctor to clarify his/her handwriting or to request a substitute item because of the patient’s medical scheme restrictions or benefits.

AlphaeScript  allows doctors and patients an unique and first-world healthcare experience by unlocking exceptional efficienies and economies whilst reducing risk.

Benefits to your patient

  • Patient Confidentiality
  • Safe and secure prescriptions
  • Most cost-effective medicines
  • Reduction of co-payments
  • Chronic Disease Risk Management through
  • Convenience i.e. delivery at the patient’s healthcare provider, home or workplace
  • Improved quality of life!

AlphaeScript offers the following vastly enhanced healthcare experiences to the doctor and the pharmacist.

  • Instant access to patient-linked script history plus scheme formulary and pricing information.
  • Seamless and accurate computer-to-computer enabled digital prescribing between the doctor and the AlphaScript Network Provider of the patient’s choice.
  • Real-time transmission to the AlphaScript Network Provider of the patient’s choice, resultant in real-time claiming from the patient’s medical scheme.
  • Management of any exceptional claim responses by the AlphaScript Network Provider through cross-liaison with the patient’s medical aid or if required with the doctor or the patient.
  • Dispensing and collection of medicine from the AlphaScript Network Provider of the patient’s choice.
  • Improved efficiencies with consequential savings and enhanced quality assurance.

The key benefits of AlphaeScript includes:

  • Real-time transmission of prescriptions to the AlphaScript Network Provider of the patient’s choice who will perform the dispensing function..
  • Improved productivity by reducing time wastage on phone calls between the pharmacist and the doctor.
  • Improved quality assurance and patient care by minimizing possible dispensing errors as a result of misinterpreted handwritten prescriptions.
  • The most cost-eff ective generic equivalents to reduce costs and or co-payments to patients.
  • Ensure improved compliance to medical scheme medicine formularies thereby reducing the patient’s out-of-pocket expenses on co-payments for off-formulary products.

Prescribing has never been this Smooth, Swift and Secure!

The tasks associated with writing and renewing prescriptions cause doctors to sacrifi ce time, money and safety.

Here are the facts:

Prescribe Smoothly

Real-time transmission of digital prescriptions prevents illegible and unclear prescriptions, which in turn prevents many calls from pharmacies seeking clarification from the doctor.

Prescribe Swiftly

Instant access to patient-linked script history plus medical scheme formularies and pricing information facilitates seamless and accurate computer-to-computer enabled digital prescribing between the doctor and Alpha Script Pharmacy.

Prescribe Securely

Patient confidentiality is improved and adverse reactions are minimized, if not eliminated, due to the digital nature of the electronic prescription preventing any possible translation errors by the pharmacist due to legibility problems.

The above improved efficiencies brought to you by AlphaeScript, are just a few of the value added benefits of e-prescribing.

e-Scripting for Patients

What are the Benefits to you, the patient?

AlphaeScript™ in conjunction with your doctor, provides you with appropriate, affordable and accessible pharmaceutical care and the added convenience of delivering your medicine prescription on a real-time basis to your AlphaScript Network Provider (“ASNP”) of choice, from where you can collect tour duly dispensed medicine at a time convenient to you.

Are you, the patient better off?

With your consent, the AlphaeScript™ enabled doctor will send the e-script in real-time to the ASNP of your choice who will manage the entire dispensing function, from obtaining the initial authorization from your medical aid right up to the point of dispensing thereof ready for collection at a time convenient to you.

Our Promise!

  • We take full responsibility for the responsible  management of your disease(s);
  • We adhere to the cost containment rules of your medical aid to make your medical aid benefits last longer;
  • We refrain from charging any non-healthcare related administration fees;
  • We will monitor your compliance to ensure that  you enjoy good quality of life!

What do you need to do?

Simply ask your AlphaeScript™ enabled doctor to electronically send your chronic prescription to the ASNP of your choice and we will do the rest!

e-Scripting Applications

Become part of the Alpha Script Service Provider Network

Participating on the Alpha Script Service Provider Network not only benefits your patients…but also has financial benefit to your pharmacy or health care practice. Click to enquire on how to become a member and one of our friendly sales consultants will contact you.