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General Questions

Your Chronic Medication will be delivered to your Closest Alpha Script-Accredited Pharmacy or Doctor a Maximum of 8 days after receiving the Rx from the Pharmacy or Doctor. This is to make sure the necessary Authorizations are in place and gives Alpha Script time to deal with any medication that might be Out of Stock. Your Medication will be ready at the Doctor/Pharmacy every 28 days from there onwards.

Alpha Script claims according to Scheme Rules and the only co-payment you will be liable for are those enforced by the Medical Scheme. Alpha Script also promotes generic substitution and your co-payment will therefore be the lowest it can be.

The Alpha Script accredited healthcare provider will present each patient with a Patient Consent Form which entitles Alpha Script to claim for the member and the Dependents on a specific Medical Scheme. The healthcare provider will scan this consent form in with the Prescription where after Alpha Script will start with the building of the Prescription and the processing thereof. Any additional documentation like the Chronic Authorization Form or Lipogram must also be handed in as to make the Authorization process more prompt.

Please visit our Pharmacy Locator page in order to find the nearest Alpha Script Accredited Service Provider in your area.

Alpha Script will supply you with the same medication throughout your Chronic Cycle except when a specific product is out of stock at our designated wholesalers. This will always be the most cost-effective products. Please note, should you want a specific product, this must be clearly stipulated on your Patient Consent Form, Alpha Script will then supply what is written on the Doctor’s prescription. The other alternative is for the Prescribing Doctor to write in his own handwriting on the prescription ‘Do not Substitute’.

AlphaDirect door-to-door courier service

We deal with the majority of medical schemes and can supply any patient with chronic medication unless specified otherwise by your medical scheme.

Monday to Friday from 08h00 – 17h00

Lawful Generic Substitution means the substitution of a prescribed medicine with an interchangeable multi-source medicine, a generic, in terms of section 22F of the Medicines Act:

  • by dispensing an interchangeable multi-source medicine and more specifically the medicine on the medicine formulary, applicable and appropriate to the benefit option of the patient
  • by dispensing a formulary medicine unless expressly forbidden by the patient to do so and provided the patient is prepared to co-pay the difference in proce and the professional fee and by noting the fact that the patient has refussed substitution of a formulary medicine, if applicable and
  • unless the medical practitioner in his/her own hand has written ‘no substitution’ on the chronic medicine prescription.

Once your prescription is received ,it will be processed within the afternoon (if received before 13h00) or latest the following morning (if received after 13h00) where after the medicine will be despatched to you for delivery within 48 hours if you reside in a metropolitan area, alternatively within 72 hours if you are in an outer lying area.

If your medication has a co-payment there are 2 easy ways of paying.

  • Internet Transfers/ Direct Deposits
    Alpha Script will provide you with the designated banking details on receipt of this payment method.
  • Debit order
    Should you wish to pay via debit order, you need to complete the Debit Order Details AND Authorisation 

This will give us a mandate to deduct monies from your account on designated days.

* NOTE: Co-payments of R10.00 or less will be for our account!

Co-payments will occur for the following reasons:

  • The item is not on your scheme’s formulary
  • You prefer the original item and there is a generic equivalent available
  • Your medical scheme funds are depleted
  • The item is not registered on chronic at your medical aid
  • Normal scheme rules and exceptions are applied to all prescriptions. Members have to follow the normal procedures with regards to registering their chronic medicine. Should your medical scheme for any reason reject payment of a claim, you as the member become responsible for any outstanding amounts. Should you run out of medication benefits before the end of the year you can continue to obtain your medication from us, as a private member.

Complete the Alpha Script Courier registration form and send the completed form with your chronic prescription to Alpha Script.

Yes. You can change your delivery address when you know that you are not going to be at the address provided by you on our system. Please note that Alpha Script Courier needs to be notified at least 14 working days before your scheduled delivery date. This will help espicially if you are planning to go on holiday.

By law, all Schedule 6 & 7 items must comply with the following rules to be deemed as legal prescriptions:

  • The prescription must be written by the doctor on the doctor’s letterhead. The prescription is only valid for 30 days from the date is was written.
  • The quantity of the product to be supplied must be written in words and figures.
  • The prescription must be signed by the doctor. Only a 30 day supply of the item may be supplied to the patient for every 28 day cycle regardless of the validity of the prescription in the posession of the pharmacy.
  • Only the original prescription can be used to dispense the medication.
  • The original prescription must be posted by registered mail allowing sufficient time for the documents to reach the pharmacy.

The address to which these prescriptions must be sent is as follow:

Alpha Script Courier
P.O. Box 2062
Faerie Glen

Q: Do I have to send Alpha Script my original prescription?

A: A valid original prescription is required by law for the dispensing of most scheduled medicine.

Please mail your original prescription to:  

Alpha Script courier
P.O. Box 2062
Faerie Glen

Yes you can. Please inform Alpha Script Courier at least 5 working days in advance of your intention to cancel a specific item or the specific delivery/repeat.

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