Alpha Script Courier Service Model

Delivery of Parcels

  • AlphaScript can deliver medicines nationwide and internationally through the virtual ability of AlphaDirect to provide a contracted patient with a door-to-door courier service free of charge at any place on the globe.
  • An authorized chronic prescription, is ordered and dispatched on the same day of the authorization from the Medical Scheme for overnight delivery to the designated point of delivery of the patient ie the work or home address of the patient. The authorized prescription is scheduled for the number of repeats as prescribed by the patient’s medical practitioner (not exceeding 6 repeats) in the AlphaScript claim scheduler to supply the chronic medicine every 28 days from the previous repeat date;
  • The AlphaScript Pharmacy Management System (“AS PMS”)  is directly accredited to all of the recognized and experienced Pharmacy Benefit Management Companies, Medical Aid Administrators and Managed Care Organizations to transact on a real-time-on-line (split second) basis with these intermediaries;
  • AlphaScript Pharmacy through the centralized real-time-on-line claim processing as described above, strictly conforms to all of the rules-based logic applied by the Medical Scheme and its Managed Care Providers;
  • The AS PMS auto-broadcasts a Dispatch SMS to the patient when the chronic parcel is dispatched to the patient’s delivery address, which will not be later than 36 hours before the next 28 day chronic medicine supply cycle.

Emergency Deliveries:

  • AlphaScript will not be able to deliver an emergency parcel within 36 hours to a chronic patient in an outer-lying area of South Africa due to the normal logistical lead-times of a 3rd party courier;
  • AlphaScript will personally phone the patient when an emergency delivery is requested to inform the patient of the above restriction. a Patient Note to this effect will also be made on the Patient Profile in the AS PMS;