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Our Promises

AlphaScript will supply patients with medication;

Dispensed in accordance with Good Pharmacy Practice;

Distributed in accordance with Good Wholesale Practice;

AlphaScript will take full responsibility for the management of the patient’s chronic disease by:

Servicing the patients in a responsible manner by monitoring and managing patient adherence;

Providing professional supervision and advice.

 Improving the patient’s quality of life!

Our Business Purpose

AlphaScript’ goal is to eliminate possible compromises to the safety, quality and efficacy of the use of prescribed medicine by subscribing to the principle of one-to-one personal communication, professional counseling and furnishing of advice between a healthcare professional and the patient on or before the collection or delivery of the medication.

AlphaScript specializes in the supply of chronic and acute medication and will contract with medical schemes, managed health care organizations and individuals to dispense medicine prescribed for medical conditions, making use of the most desirable Good Pharmacy Practice, as prescribed to by the SAPC.

AlphaScript owns the web-based AlphaScript the AlphaScript Pharmacy Management System (“AlphaScript PMS”)and grants the AlphaScript Network Provider a non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the AlphaScript PMS during the currency of his/her accreditation as a AlphaScript Network Provider in terms of the Three-Way Service level Agreement (“the Agreement”) entered into and between AlphaScript, the AlphaScript Network Provider and the patient.

The AlphaScript chronic medicine provision platform essentially comprises of the following three tier concept:

  • the use by the AlphaScript Network Provider of the AlphaScript PMS;
  • the AlphaScript Network Provider providing part of the dispensing services to be rendered and to accept responsibility for record keeping which AlphaScript is obliged to comply with when dispensing medicines in terms of medicine prescriptions to its patients, against payment of a service fee to the AlphaScript Network Provider;
  • the purchase of medicines from Alpha Pharm by AlphaScript, and the sale of such medicines by AlphaScript to the joint patients of the AlphaScript Network Provider and AlphaScript, and the filing and administering of claims, for payment of the sale of such medicines to the medical scheme of such patients by AlphaScript.

The AlphaScript Network Provider Pharmacies are registered in terms of the Pharmacy Act whilst the AlphaScript Network Provider Dispensing Doctors in the under-serviced outer-lying areas of South Africa are registered by the Health Professions Council and holds a dispensing license issued by the Department of Health. The AlphaScript Network Provider practices for his / her own account, and subscribes to the abovementioned Goof Pharmacy Practices. The AlphaScript Network Provider shall electronically capture and transfer all of the medicine prescriptions prescribed by the medical practitioners for the patients of a medical scheme that has appointed AlphaScript as a designated service provider to AlphaScript by means of the AlphaScript PMS, for dispensing to the patients.

Key Elements in the Delivery System

AlphaScript will:

  • supply the AlphaScript Network Provider with a specification of the requirements for installation of the AlphaScript Medicine PMS;
  • furnish the AlphaScript Network Provider with a licensed copy of the AlphaScript PMS and install it on the computer systems of the AlphaScript Network Provider;
  • supply the AlphaScript Network Provider with a label printer prescribed by AlphaScript for the exclusive use with the medicine dispensing software which printer must be duly insured by the AlphaScript Network Provider against material damage (loss or damage)  to the printer on the insured premises;
  • provide technical service, support and maintenance to ensure the reasonable functioning of the AlphaScript PMS and the printer placed in the practice of the AlphaScript Network Provider by Alpha Script. The obligation to support and maintain the AlphaScript PMS and the printer shall not include the obligation to provide support and maintenance as a result of the failure or malfunctioning of the hardware of the AlphaScript Network Provider.

The AlpAlphaScript Network Provider:

  • acknowledges that the dispensed medicine data on the AlphaScript PMS belongs to the patient and will be governed in accordance with the terms of reference of the Service level Agreement entered into and between AlphaScript and a contracted medical scheme of which the patient is a beneficiary ;
  • allows AlphaScript and the contracted medical scheme, to collect, collate, process, store and dispose of the dispensed medicine data on the medicine dispensing software in accordance with the terms of reference of the Service level Agreement entered into and between AlphaScript and a contracted medical scheme of which the patient is a beneficiary.

Role Clarification

AlphaScript shall be solely responsible to the patient for:

  • the supply of the medicine and for the recovery of the cost thereof from the patient’s medical scheme;
  • the opening of a delivery-account for the AlphaScript Network Provider with Alpha Pharm provided that the AlphaScript Network Provider shall not be responsible for payment of any medicines ordered by AlphaScript for the duly dispensed patient-ready-parcel to be delivered by Alpha Pharm to the AlphaScript Network Provider on behalf of AlphaScript;
  • the ordering of the medicine for the dispensing of every medicine prescription submitted to by the AlphaScript Network Provider and the delivery of the duly dispensed patient-ready-parcel to the AlphaScript Network Provider for purposes of providing phase 3 of the dispensing function, namely the handing over of the medicine and the counselling of the patient on the safe and effective use of the medicine,  to its patient;
  • comply with the pharmaceutical legislation in respect of all medicine prescriptions submitted to it for dispensing by the AlphaScript Network Provider;
  • ensure proper record keeping in respect of all medicine prescriptions submitted to it by the AlphaScript Network Provider.

The AlphaScript Network Provider shall:

  • submit medicine prescriptions by means of the electronic upload thereof on the AlphaScript PMS to AlphaScript for dispensing and supply thereof by AlphaScript;
  • allow AlphaScript to perform lawful substitution as set out in section 22F of the Medicines Act to ensure compliance to the medical scheme’s formulary to assist the medical scheme with its cost containment measures;
  • provide phase 3 of the dispensing function as set out herein to its patients,  on behalf of AlphaScript in respect of all medical prescriptions submitted to AlphaScript;
  • attend to the receipt and storage of the duly dispensed patient-ready-parcels in accordance with the Good Pharmacy Practice Guidelines;
  • hand-over of the duly dispensed patient-ready-parcels to the patients, and collect the medical aid enforced co-payment, if any, from the patients;
  • comply with Good Pharmacy Practice in providing the shared dispensing services in conjunction with AlphaScript;
  • adhere to the AlphaScript Accreditation Regulations as contained in Three-Way Service Level Agreement between AlphaScript, the AlphaScript Network provider and the patient.

Become part of the AlphaScript Provider Network

Participating on the AlphaScript Provider Network not only benefits your patients…but also has financial benefit to your pharmacy or practice. Click to enquire on how to become a member and one of our friendly sales consultants will contact you.