Stock Control

Centrally controlled dispensary stock management

  • The Architecture of the Stock Module in the AlphaScript Pharmacy Management System is a Client Server.  The client connects directly to the server and the stock files are maintained by means of business rules in the back-end of the AlphaScript Pharmacy Management System
  • The Stock Movement Report is triggered when a new claim is authorized by downwards adjusting of the Stock-on-Hand (“SoH”) with the approved quantity;
  • The AlphaScript Stock Module will generate an order if the SoH is inadequate to meet die approved quantity and send an order to Alpha Pharm through an ordering interface between the AlphaScript Pharmacy Management System and Alpha Pharm;
  • The replenished quantity will be updated the moment the new stock is checked-in as received by the AlphaScript Logistics Officer on the AlphaScript Pharmacy Management System’s financial model;
  • If the specific item on order is country-wide out of stock, then the claim will be reversed and rewritten with an interchangeable product (generic equivalent) and re-submitted and the process explained above will be repeated. Note: if the out-of-stock item is an innovative patent protected product, then the AlphaScript DUR Pharmacist will phone the prescriber and obtain authorization to replace the out-of-stock item with a Therapeutic Equivalent across Therapeutic Boundaries and request the prescriber to send a replacement script to this effect.

Ad-hoc script audits on dispensary invoices

  • AlphaScript has designed stringent exception reports not only to measure and manage the productivity and efficiency of its Production Staff against their Key Responsible Areas with the respective Job Functions on an on-going basis, but also to ensure conformance to the processing timelines and accuracy rates of its client medical schemes;
  • The standardized Exception Reports of the AlphaScript Management Information System are refreshed at 03h00 daily so that the respective line managers within the functional section of the AlphaScript production line can align and direct their resources with the tasks at hand on a priority basis;
  • These Exception reports are also used as an internal audit tool to assess the performance levels and to put corrective measures in place in the event of deviations from the norm values;
  • No script, in terms of the Script QA validation process as explained herein, will be activated by a Script QA Pharmacist if the script cannot be authenticated. All scripts are saved in a scanned reproducible format on the patient Profile on the AlphaScript Pharmacy Management System which allows for the ease of access and retrieval of any script audit, whether ad-hoc or routine;
  • AlphaScript will hence be more than able to comply with the medical scheme’s requirements to perform regular and ad-hoc claim service audits and will present the medical scheme with its audit findings and areas of improvement within 24 hours of receiving such request.

Maximum number of scripts per annum per beneficiary

  • The Scheduler in the AlphaScript Pharmacy Management System makes provision for the auto-scheduling of a chronic prescription on a 28 day chronic repeat cycle for the number of repeats prescribed by the treating doctor;
  • The scheduled repeats are validated by the Script QA Pharmacist during the script validation process and cannot be changed once activated by the Script QA Pharmacist;
  • This compliance measure, together with the warning description received from the PBM ensures that the maximum number of repeats per annum is not exceeded.

Adequate stocking of dispensary

  • The AlphaScript Pharmacy Management System allows for a Just-in-Time Inventory Control System whereby the chronic supplies of a patient is ordered by AlphaScript from Alpha Pharm, prepared, QA’d and dispatched on a patient-by-patient basis at least 4 days prior to the patient’s next repeat date;
  • This benefit of this unique system ensures that no unnecessary capital is tied up in stock, thereby improving the AlphaScript Network Provider’s cash flow and working capital – a crucial need in any retail environment which allows the AlphaScript Network provider to invest in other segments of his/her business.