Technical Ability

Web-based interface

  • AlphaScript owns the web-based AlphaScript Pharmacy Management System and grants the AlphaScript Network Provider a non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the AlphaScript Pharmacy Management System during the currency of his/her accreditation as a AlphaScript Network Provider in terms of the Three-Way Service level Agreement entered into and between AlphaScript the AlphaScript Network Provider and the patient;
  • All rights, title and interest in the medicine dispensing software, including, as a component, its source code, or any algorithm, program methodology, file structure, the technical know-how with regard to the medicine dispensing software, patent applications and registered trade mark in respect of the Alpha Script Pharmacy Management System, innovations, enhancements, modifications or amendments to any of the afore going, vest exclusively in Alpha Script;
  • The AlphaScript Pharmacy Management System allows real-time transacting between the AlphaScript Network Provider front-end and the AlphaScript back-end

Electronic submission of scripts in excess of current volumes as already mentioned herein is not a limiting factor due to the web-based nature of the AlphaScript Pharmacy Management System and the upgradability of the LHIT Host Server as well as the fibre-optic connectivity between AlphaScript and AS Server.

The web-based AlphaScript Pharmacy Management System allows for the real-time verification and processing of member and script data.

The AlphaScript Server is protected by the LHIT firewall, and all ports which are not in use are closed to ensure protection and integrity of the centrally controlled member and script databases.

The Architecture of the Stock System is Client Server.  The AlphaScript users connects directly to the server and the stock files are therefore centrally maintained by means of business rules that computes the stock movement and or stock adjustment against the Stock-on-Hand.

AlphaScript is a client server application, therefore only data is transferred across the network and not business or application logic

  • The data between the client and server is encrypted across the network through SQL Server Encryption.
  • This creates a secure data transfer layer
  • Guarantee of System up-time

The AlphaScript Server is hosted by LHIT and is underwritten through an extensive SLA covering all aspects from maintenance (on-site and remote), server monitoring, cloud monitoring, IS managed Back-ups, storage area network management, high availability solutions, host server hardware and software management programs in accordance to IT Infrastructure Library standards, High availability SQL, IS FTP, web statistics, streaming services, Attix 5 back-up services, data recovery/restore service, and Nodel services.

The SLA performance levels on core Infrastructure and connectivity is 99.95%.

Clients running the AlphaScript Pharmacy Management System can connect to from anywhere in the South Africa by means of an ADSL internet connection or 3G using Cloudware Technology.

The transaction data records are available from a centralised point and not on business partners or AlphaScript Network Providers’ own computer thereby eliminating the possibility of losing the accuracy and integrity of the data. AlphaScript can therefore warrant the availability of the operating and processing systems both for receipt and distribution of data between MHRM; MHO and the medical scheme and other 3rd parties within the required performance level of 99.5% system availability per month and will provide monthly reports on system availability if so required.

Value Chain and interface up time

The AlphaScript Pharmacy Management System is owned by AlphaScript and not dependent on any 3rd party Software Vendor in as far as maintenance and guaranteeing of system and interface uptime is concerned. The AlphaScript Pharmacy Management System is a Windows Internet based system with real-time connectivity and transacting between AlphaScript and the AlphaScript Network Providers.

The AlphaScript Pharmacy Management System being centrally maintained and managed has not experienced any down time during its 8 years as an operating system and all maintenance and programming functions are performed after hours and test cases are run on dummy data to ensure stability and integrity of such changes from a system application and functionality point of view before any system changes are refreshed with interfaced 3rd parties on a real time basis.

It is also a requirement of the AlphaScript accreditation process that a prospective AlphaScript Network Provider must be able to comply with the following hardware and software specification for installation of the Alpha Script System:

  • Windows PC (XP or Windows 7)
  • ADSL or 3G Internet connectivity > 1 megabit per second.

AlphaScript provides technical service, support and maintenance to ensure the optimum functioning of the AlphaScript operating and processing system in the dispensary of the AlphaScript Network Provider.

AlphaScript can assure the medical scheme of its ability to meet the 99.5% system up-time per month with any business partner and accredited AlphaScript Network Provider and compliance hereto can be confirmed at any given point in time.

An IT Security Certificate can be obtained from LHIT if so required.

Technical Interface Requirements with a new medical scheme will be developed at AlphaScript’s cost once the scope is made available.