Why Partner with Alpha Script?

Centralized fully-integrated AlphaScript Pharmacy Management System

The cybernetic nature of the AlphaScript Provider Network, including the supplementary role of AlphaDirect as the courier service delivery platform of AlphaScript, coupled with the ingenuity of the AlphaScript medicine provision platforms must be seen as a major competitive advantage versus the constraints faced by its competitors, which is generally speaking:

  • Independent Pharmacy Groupings that are either loosely arranged with limited ability to guarantee discipline, compliance and improved healthcare outcomes or generally speaking lacking the key competencies and expertise provided by Alpha Script to the AlphaScript Network Providers; or
  • Corporate Retail Pharmacy Groups that due to the nature of its business model is restricted to the up-market metropolitan areas of South Africa ie shopping centres where their retail chain stores are typically located, making it almost impractical if not impossible to provide accessibility to the population at large – especially in the medical scheme’s case with a national footprint of members in almost every corner of South Africa; or
  • Courier Pharmacies which are solely reliant on the logistical services of third party couriers which not only comes at a prohibitive courier cost almost making the sustainability of such a business model impossible in the long run, but also potentially compromising the integrity, safety and efficacy of the medicine due to the “uncontrolled conditions” that the medicine is exposed to during the transport and storage thereof. This form of medicine provision also limits the personal professional care and advice that a healthcare provider can render at the point of service delivery. (Note: The AlphaDirect courierservice is supplied through our mother company, Alpha Pharm, a duly licensed pharmaceutical wholesaler which is totally conformant to the Good Wholesale Practice guidelines as regulated by the South African Medicine Control Council. AlphaScript as mentioned herein also counsels each and every chronic patient prior to his/her medicine being dispatched through AlphaDirect. The Alpha Script courier service should also be seen as a supplementary service to that of the AlphaScript Provider Network suitable for the cases mentioned herein).

Windows Web-based Dispensing Software Solution

The web-based AlphaScript Pharmacy Management System and its compatibility to Microsoft Windows functionality together with the rules-based logic built into the AlphaScript Pharmacy Management System has the ability to revolutionize medicine provision in South Africa though its inherent ability to allow:

  • Centralized protection of confidentiality, integrity and assignment of data
  • Centralize patient identification (Biometric scanning is also available if needed)
  • Centralized database maintenance and management
  • Product Master File
  • Price Master File
  • Medical Aid Master File
  • Patient Master File
  • Patient Treatment Journals
  • Centralized script management
  • Centralized DUR
  • Centralized compliance measures
  • Centralized fraud prevention measures
  • Centralized procurement and stock control
  • Centralized billing (Dispensing and Debtors age analysis)
  • Centralized reporting

Flexibility and manoeuvrability of the AlphaScript service delivery platforms:

AlphaScript, due to the virtual nature of the AlphaScript Provider Network model, coupled with the supplementary role of the AlphaDirect’s courier service as explained above, and the scales of economy and cost efficiency of the AlphaScript medicine provision platforms have almost no capacity constraints in terms of the number of AlphaScript Network Providers, number of patients (chronic and acute) and number of scripts/items and can hence provide a client medical scheme accessible, affordable, appropriate professional care for an unlimited number of patients across South Africa and in fact across the globe;

Maximum Savings

AlphaScript through a process of prospective DUR and as mandated in terms of the Agreement with the AlphaScript Network Providers, prospectively applies lawful substitution at the point of script processing. This ensures optimal compliance to the cost-containment measures as embedded in the scheme rules by adhering to the formulary of the scheme as administered by MHRM to the point that AlphaScript does not limit its interventions to the Generic and or Therapeutic Reference Prices administered at the front-end of the PBM but in fact creates a further saving below the said reference prices by ensuring that the most cost-effective medicine is used.

This, as assessed by more than one of the recognized PBM’s in South Africa, has a two-fold benefit, namely:

  • Increased generic utilization – AlphaScript guarantees >70% generic utilization in value terms subject to the medical scheme endorsing such prospective lawful substitution practice;
  • Significant savings commensurately improving the schemes solvency levels and reserves.